What to watch out for during a job interview:

  • Get to know the company, area and position you're interested in.
  • Remember at least the surname and position of the company (recruitment agency) representative you are going to meet.
  • Dress up professionally and make sure you are well groomed.
  • Take a copy of your CV to the interview.Arrive to the interview 5-10 minutes in advance and in case of the delay call to the company and tell them when you arrive.When greeting press your hand firmly, smile and keep eye contact.During the interview do not pretend, be natural, friendly and smile.
  • Try to make your answers as accurate as possible, but in no way strained (there is no need to learn the answers to model questions during the interview and memorize them, but it does not hurt to think about them a bit).
  • Show your sincere interest in the offered position through your responses and positive attitude.
  • Only speak positively about your professional past and your former employers.Your answers should be at least 30 seconds and no more than 2 minutes long.Listen carefully to what your employer tells you about the company and the position itself and never slip to mindless nodding.Note the atmosphere in the company. Then you can decide if you feel comfortable working under given conditions.At the end of the interview give one or two meaningful questions to the employer about the position or the company. This indicates your interest in the job.Do not insist on communicating the salary. Generally it is better to wait for the employer to mention it.

  • Which questions are most frequently asked during the interview 
  • An  interview can be conducted in different ways. At the beginning a company representative is likely to thank you for your interest in the company and the position, show their interest in meeting you or ask you how was your journey. Then your personal data (residence, family, etc.) are discussed.
  • The next stage will be education, practice and your future career. To give you a better idea of the specific questions that may be raised during an interview, we have prepared a list of questions for you:
    • Questions related to motivation Why are you interested in the vacancy? Why did you decide to respond to our advertisement?What do you think you can offer to us? What do you expect from the job you are applying for?
    • Questions related to the last employment Why are you leaving your previous job?What did you like or dislike in your last job?What was a typical day in your last job like?What have you been criticized for?How did you respond to the criticism?What was the most difficult thing in your last job?What was the simplest thing?
    • Questions related to the new employer What do you know about our company, products and services?What qualities should your supervisor have?What are your ideas about the salary? When you can you start
    • Questions related to your knowledge and experienceWhat are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your good and bad qualities? Do you prefer to work in a team or alone? Are you a team player? What kind of work are you most comfortable with? How do you evaluate your ability to delegate tasks? Are you stress resistant? How do you improve your professional qualification? What was your favorite and least favorite subject at school?
    • Questions related to your future career How do you envision your future career? Can you describe your ideal job? Where do you see yourself in two years? Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you intend to study again (postgraduate study, another university,…)? How long would you like to work for our company? How does family influence your career? What do you want to achieve in your career? 
    • What you do not have to answer Do you go to church regularly? What is your political orientation?