How to write a Resume - Create Your Resume In 5 Min DOOCV

How to write a Resume - Create Your Resume In 5 Min

Style determines the first impression

Style is the first thing that HR officers notice when they take a CV in their hands. In CVs it is not appropriate to experiment with unconventional fonts. Avoid too small and too big font sizes. Times News Roman with 12px size is the standard option.  Avoid grammar mistakes and non-literary expressions in your CV We recommend to read through your CV several times before you send it. Grammar errors in a CV make the impresion of sloppiness, which will not enthuse any HR officer. Experimenting does not pay off in the graphical representation of the CV either. A CV has to be well arranged, easily readable and free of any disruptive elements. Do not insert any images in the CV except for <a href=”/blog/jak-vybrat-vhodnou-fotografii-do-zivotopisu”>a photo for the CV</a>.

Professional résumé is not a novel

A professional CV should describe our professional career. HR officer do not care about who your parents are, how many siblings you have or any other information about your personal life. A CV should not include information about your marital status, number of kids, religious belief or sexual orientation. Avoid including biometrical information, such as your weight, height, eye color and other characteristic features of your apperance in the professional CV.

Empty spaces vs too detailed CV

Unexplainable gaps in the chronology of your CV does not make a good impression. Naturally, HR officers will ask you, what happened in periods you left out in the CV. You should include periods of temporary disablement, working abroad, maternity leave, registrations for the employment office and similar long-term gaps in your professional career in your CV. On the other hand it is not necessary to include everything. Short-term termporary jobs needlessly take up space of the CV and cannot be considered sufficient work experience. Work experience descriptions should be short and clear. You should briefly describe the main job content and level of control (number of subordinates).

Untruthful information

Some job candidates become convinced that it is necessary to ""enrich"" their CV with untruthful information. HR officers verify CVs. Untruthful information therefore come out. A revealed lie is a reason for eliminating the candidate from the selection procedure. HR officers may call previous employers to verify the declared experience and their satisfaction with the employee.